Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Tale of Two Plantings

So, there my new raised bed are, sitting in the corner of the yard and looking lovely. I spent the evening drinking beer and admiring them.

"Are you going to actually plant anything?," My housemate asked. Smart alec.

Still, he had a point. So, I got back online (my favorite place to shop for anything) and immediately went to the Seeds of Change website. Within moments I had ordered a variety of seedlings, including 6 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes, 6 different varieties of sweet peppers and 6 different varieties of herbs.

"I think you ordered WAY too much," my friend S. told me. "Where are you going to put them all?"

"You mean I can't just cram them all into two 4 x 4 planters?" I asked.

"Well, different plants need different amounts of water, light, fertilyzer, etc." she replied.

Pbbbt. Parade-rainer. Stop making it all complicated n'stuff.

So come Saturday, I went off to the home store and got a whole car-full of organic soil (natch). One of the planters was on a sprinkler head, so I made sure to unscrew it and cap it off, then put the sprinklers on to test it. After I retrieved the cap from where it had shot across the yard and finished bailing out the hole, I put the cap on again. I did this several times until the husband got home and used his manly man strength.

Sunday, I finished the planting and topped it off with bark mulch for further moisture retention, and to keep the dog from trying to eat the dirt. It turns out that organic soil has a high poo-to-dirt ratio that my dog finds irresistable. It's like candy. So I wisely used mulch to keep her from getting to that layer.

15 minutes later, the dog was actually STANDING IN the raised bed, grazing like a sheep.

Once I got done re-planting the poor peppers and yelling at the dog, it was time for dinner.

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America's Craving Some Doom said...

It is a scene I have experienced a few times. I am somewhere in the house hanging out with dog and I hear. "BAD DOG!". In storms Sara(I think she actually has her hands on her hips)and states something like " I am very disappointed in you" or "I was looking forward to that cheese plate" and the dog looks at me with a look that says "I think she was talking to you"