Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Done Sprung!

As I surveyed the water drenched mud-pit that is my backyard these days, it occurred to me that I only have a few more weeks to try to squeeze some cool-weather crops out of my garden before its time to plant the summer annuals. SO, I got busy with some more arugula, cilantro and broccoli seeds to see if I can get them into the raised beds before it gets too warm. Since I live near the ocean, I think I've got until about early May.

It's also time to think about the summer crops. Last year I ordered seedlings from Seeds of Change, which is a wonderful, all organic and heritcage seed company that has the most delicious looking catalog. I could (and did) spend hours pouring over photos of exotic looking beans, corn and squashes. Oh to have more space! And time of course. I ended up getting 6 different kinds of tomatoes and sweet peppers as well as some herbs. And while there is no doubt that shipping 12 seedlings is a LOT less carbon waste than the resulting several pounds of produce, ordering online still seems to mitigate some of the gains. It's been niggling at me (I believe I have previously mentioned my addiction to ordering things online).

SO, this year I'm going to try and get seedlings from local sources and see how that goes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I know, I know.

A recent conversation at my house:

Guest: Wow those are some nice garden beds!

Me: Thanks! I like them. They are made from recycled milk jugs!

Guest: Cool! Are you going to plant anything in them?

Me: ((stomps back into house)).

You see, I've BEEN planting stuff. I've planted cilantro (twice), red lettuce, arugula, onions, broccoli, and carrots. Anything that actually sprouted and grew was just devastated by marauding chickens. They are truly the Godzillas of vegetable gardens. I would put up barrier fences, only to have them hop right over them and go nuts, scratching, digging and eating. Nothing like looking out the kitchen window in the morning, seeing a fuzzy chicken butt in my planters and having to run out in the rain in my work suit going "CHICCCCCCCCCKENNNS! NO!!!"

So until I get a better fence built, NO I will not be planting anything.