Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Done Sprung!

As I surveyed the water drenched mud-pit that is my backyard these days, it occurred to me that I only have a few more weeks to try to squeeze some cool-weather crops out of my garden before its time to plant the summer annuals. SO, I got busy with some more arugula, cilantro and broccoli seeds to see if I can get them into the raised beds before it gets too warm. Since I live near the ocean, I think I've got until about early May.

It's also time to think about the summer crops. Last year I ordered seedlings from Seeds of Change, which is a wonderful, all organic and heritcage seed company that has the most delicious looking catalog. I could (and did) spend hours pouring over photos of exotic looking beans, corn and squashes. Oh to have more space! And time of course. I ended up getting 6 different kinds of tomatoes and sweet peppers as well as some herbs. And while there is no doubt that shipping 12 seedlings is a LOT less carbon waste than the resulting several pounds of produce, ordering online still seems to mitigate some of the gains. It's been niggling at me (I believe I have previously mentioned my addiction to ordering things online).

SO, this year I'm going to try and get seedlings from local sources and see how that goes.

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