Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Have Garden Envy

Well, really its more like building envy. I think I have mentioned before that I am extremely NOT handy-capable. I know first graders that can build more permanent structures with legos and play doh than I can with hundreds of dollars in materials.

So it is with extreme jealousy that I viewed my sister's new garden that her extra handy husband built for her a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty much exactly what I'd eventually like my garden to look like.

And doesn't it look chicken proof???

That little garden elf is my niece, by the way. Isn't she freaking adorable?

It's made of some sturdy bamboo poles (how's that for enviromentally friendly?) screwed together and then wire attached. The boxes are made from 2 x 4s and check out the gravel path!

Now I just need to fly my brother-in-law down for the weekend so he can build me the same thing.

In other news, I finally got the coop painted. It still needs the windows cleaned off and the window box attached, but its getting there. Please ignore the ugly blue tarp for now. I need to come up with a more attractive shade/rain cover.


Hootchie Scooter Mama said...

Awww, you are too nice! :-)

The coop looks FANTASTIC, I am so jealous of your chickens! And I think your brother-in-law would be happy to build you anything if you kept him fed with home-grown eggs. And beer. And took him to Disneyland.

~Jess said...

Your coop looks great! Do you happen to have building plans for it?
We raised chickens when I was younger and my mom wants to get laying hens again, but we want to build a real coop (we always just let them wander around...had to go find the eggs).

If you do I would love, LOVE to know where you got them or something.


California Girl said...

I love it! What a fabulous coop! I have serious coop envy :)