Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11, 2008

Finally, some photos! I know, I've been lax in this regard. Weather is finally starting to warm up (hello, its mid-June!)and the tomatoes in particular are loving it. They have exploded and are taking over the planter.

This is not good, because I don't want them to crowd out my zucchini and bush beans! The latter, by the way, are sort of a mystery to me. They shot out of the ground quickly enough, but now seem to be growing verrrry slowly. Perhaps because of the aforementioned crowding.

The cucumbers, alas, didn't make it. I have NO idea what went wrong. Andthe peppers are limping a bit..I think they are waiting for some warmer weather. Temps have been in the mid-70's and I think they really prefer 80's. The zucchini is thriving though!