Friday, January 15, 2010


I knew it was coming any time. You've been wanting to walk for several weeks now...your favorite game is to hold onto Mommy's fingers and walk around the room in a circle. This is very fun for you and very hard on Mommy's back! You take every opportunity to try and constantly falling down hasn't dampened your exhuberance at all. Its been wonderful watching you perfect your balance; my heart sways every time your little body does. I love how you tackled your first step of carpeted stairs, you took one look at them and just went zoom! Straight up to the top without hesitation, my brave little one.

And now here you are, just two weeks past your first birthday, and I can now officially call you my little toddler, instead of my little baby. *Sniff*.

One day, you too will understand how proud I am, when YOUR baby is taking his or her first steps.

All my love,