Monday, April 30, 2007

Open Me First

The first thing one does when developing a new interest is, of course, to go shopping. Preferably on the internets.

In this case, I was looking for a raised bed kit so I could plant my new vegetable patch. Why not plant directly into the ground? Well, for one, because my soil is apparently a strange mix of clay, sand, and oh..nuclear waste. Everything I've attempted to plant directly into the dirt ends up shriveling into an exoskeleton within days.

I selected an attractive cedar-like kit made of recycled milk jugs (bonus!), and eagerly awaited its arrival. It came a week ago and I got right to putting it together.

I carried all the boxes outside (it came in several boxes, all long and somewhat heavy). I opened the box, pulled all the pieces out, and laid it on the concrete patio.

Then I stared at the pieces for awhile. Would have been nice to have some instructions, thank you very much! But still, I figured anyone with even an average IQ could put it together..I mean, there weren't really any screws. It was just a big puzzle. So, using my prodigious brain power, I managed to finally get all the pieces for the first planter together, in just under twice the time it really should have taken a fourth grader.

Only then, did I find the instructions. In the box clearly marked, "Open Me First!" Did I mention my prodigious brain power?

So, once I disassembled it and put it back together, you know, properly, I had two beautiful planters.


MamaBean said...

Bwah hah hah! You done put it tuhgether real purty like!

Hey how about posting a link to the product for those of us who are tired of waiting for our husbands to build us another garden box and/or might elicit a divorce by piling on another project?

CheckeredFlagMom said...

What a funny world. I was on earlier in the gardening board and on HGTV's website looking for some raised garden beds I saw on an episode of Landscapers Challenge. I thought it would be awesome to grow my own basil (among other goodies) so I clicked on this thread about a Wendy's Frosty and somehow thought the title of your blog looked interesting and WOW! Just what I was looking for (and couldn't seem to pull up by a google search!). I love your blog and clicked further and found some links about breastfeeding which is my main purpose in life at the moment. What a small world. Anyway... Just thought I'd say hi and also share with you the blog I started in which I plan to document my journey of cutting clutter from my life and becoming an organized person!! Wish me luck and I really enjoyed your writings!!!
Cecilia M.

CheckeredFlagMom said...

oops forgot to give you the link!

and also there are some family photos at