Monday, April 30, 2007

How much green is too much?

Allow me to introduce myself. I am 38, recently married, living in suburb in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is not generally your first thought for a backyard farm project, but then, as a Jewish American Princess from Honolulu, Hawaii, I am not your first thought for a backyard farmer either! So far my experiences in animal husbandry and agriculture have been limited to exactly three tomato plants, two domestic animals and a odd assortment of failed things in pots. In fact, not only am I NOT a natural green thumb, I've come to jokingly (and with a shocking lack of good taste) refer to my yard as "Auschwitz for Plants."

So why the newfound zeal for growing my own food? Well, for is IN baby. Haven't you heard? At least every other car in the Whole Foods parking lot is now a Prius..or at least the Hybrid version of the Pilot (gas mileage: 22mpg instead of 14. Sheesh. Think that's good enough people?) Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie are wearing only organic hemp to rehab these days, Gwyneth shops the local farmer's market for organic apples for, well, Apple; and a billboard for Brentwood Magazine screams "THE GREEN ISSUE" at me on my daily commute.

In all seriousness though, it started with my water bill. I opened it once day and just about fell over. I mean, I always knew it was high..but suddenly, looking out at the emerald expanse of a yard that currently serves little more purpose than doggy-poo receptable, I suddenly thought..what the heck am I doing? Why am I spending all this cash on watering, fertilizing and mowing this patch of grass when I could be putting this land to good use? I ran inside and started pulling out old Sunset Magazine issues. Usually I just blip right past the gardening section and head for something more interesting, like the travel section or food, but this time I actually started reading the articles. I was instantly entranced! Huge colorful photos of succulent vegetables and 4-foot tall tomato plants, glowing with health, tucked into neat boxes stared out at me. And the instructions...its so easy! Why have I wasted so much time? What kind of environmentalist am I?

So, I am going to make a commitment. By the end of this summer, I hope to have grown enough food to feed our little household for two weeks.

Or at least, throw just one bitchin' barbecue.


America's Craving Some Doom said...

But what effect does this have on your beleaguered husband?

Wont somebody think of the husband?

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