Sunday, August 5, 2007

Freedom Peeps

The girls are only about 2 weeks old, but they are already getting a bit tired of their kennel brooder. Since it was a nice warm day, I decided to take them out and let them run around their newly built chicken run for a bit.

Getting them from the kennel, which is parked in the living room, out back to the run was a bit of a challenge. I initially tried to stuff them all into the box they had been mailed in, but that turned into a comical episode of Whack-a-Mole. I'd cram one little peep in there, turn around to grab another peep, only to have the first one immediately pop out. So I ended up stuffing them into Lucy the cat's carrier, which I then opened up inside the run.

They were hesitant at first, but once they got in there they had a blast. There was so much to peck at and play with! The hard part was getting them out. They didn't want to leave and protested mightily when I crawled in there to get them out. Here they are 'sploring.

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