Monday, July 23, 2007


I went out to do some early Sunday morning watering and to (hopefully) pick some ripe tomatoes.

I made the sad discovery that the two branches of one of the heirloom tomatoes had become SO heavy with fruit, that it literally split in two, right down to the base of the plant. I'm heartbroken. I really should have seen this coming..the fruits are almost 3 pounds each! I guess the bamboo stakes I had used weren't close to being strong enough. I did my best to prop up the branches and tied the base together with a bit of twine, in an attempt to save what I can of the plant. I'm not holding out a lot of hope though. What a bummer...the tomatoes were just days away from being ripe enough to pick too. Another lesson learned.

On a happy note, my baby chicks should be just emerging from their shells today! Hard to believe that in 24 hours, they will be sexed, sorted and popped in their mailing box to head my way. Godspeed little babies...hope to see you safe and sound!


MamaBean said...

Oh no! Poor 'maters! Can you pick them and ripen them anyway? At least they'd be great for saucing.

Hooray for baby chicks! We all expect pictures posted as soon as they arrive!

[hmmm] said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about them tomatoes. Hopefully they can make a speedy recovery. Can't wait to hear about the chixs!

Fenella said...

Not sure if you can do the same thing here. But when I lived in England, my grandma would cut the tomato plant down when the weather was too cold, even though the fruit was not ripe yet, and would hang the whole plant upside down in our garage. We would then just wait for it to ripen. I wonder if there is something you can do to rescue yours if they are still attached to the vine?

Diana said...

You can still pick them and put them in a sunny window! They will ripen and be yummy!!