Monday, July 30, 2007

Go Derby!

I've only had the babies 6 days and I am amazed at how big they've got. And its amazing how their individual personalities come through: two like to be held more than the other two; one in particular is really curious, etc.

Last night I wedged a wide piece of wood into the brooder to give them someplace to roost. I pushed it as far down as it would go, and positioned it right in front of a brick I had put in there for them to play on. While they were all interested in it, one little BR in particular (we've named her "Derby") was really interested in it and kept trying to get up on it. She would keep jussssst missing and kept trying. After I went to bed, my husband said they kept trying for awhile.

Well this morning he emailed me and said, "Guess who made it onto the roost first?" I answered right away, "DERBY!". I felt as proud as a mother could be.

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Diana said...

That is so damn cute!!! How do you not just die from cuteness!!! I want little chickies now!