Sunday, July 15, 2007

Guests, Welcome and Not

Well, my tomatoes seem to have hit a stretch of stasis. They still look healthy and green, and are heavy with tomatoes. But they haven't put out any new flowers and the existing tomatoes still haven't ripened fully to red, or yellow, or their various designated colors.

The peppers however, are doing well and we've already had several of the Purple Beauties, as well as the first of the Orange Bells. It was a tiny one, but every bit as sweet, and, I don't know, orange tasting as we could hope.

The first of the Corno di Toro's has turned almost completely red and should be ready to be picked in just a couple of days. I'm very exited!

I've also spotted several insects in the dirt and on the plants, including a ladybug, a tiny little green cricket, and several silverbugs that I hope are aerating my soil, and not my leaves. Today, we also had this beautiful dragonfly which persisted in hanging out on one of the bamboo stakes for a bit.

The last photo is not garden-related, I just though that a very tired Kylie (tired from a day at the beach) was too cute.

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Ricci said...

Thought of youwhen I saw these, not that I know you or anything :)