Friday, October 12, 2007

This May Be the Winter of My Discontent

With a pang of sadness, I finally said goodbye to the peppers and the last tomato plant last weekend. The peppers were still bearing fruit, but very slowly. The last tomato plant, a small yellow pear variety, would probably have kept bearing for quite a while longer, but I was anxious to get on with the cool season crops. My seed order from Seeds of Change came and I planted them right away. I planted some in these cool little seed starter packs made of organic material that you can just plant directly in the ground without having to pull them out first, so you damage fewer roots. Some I sowed directly into the raised beds.

Now its just a wait to see if any actually come up. I'm still really not sure where to put the seed packs. My gardening teacher had said they could go outside, but he has an open-air greenhouse and I'm worried that its too windy for mine just on the ledge outside the kitchen. I wish I had a mini-greenhouse for them.

The ones in the raised beds I fear for. We've been working on a new coop for the Girls as they have outgrown their current one, so I've been letting them just wander around the yard while I work (under the watchful eye of their dogsitter of course!). A few times I caught them over there around the beds, and I am now concerned they may have been eating the seeds. I have some chicken-wire over the beds now, and I'm hoping the seeds are intact!

Anyone know how much water the seeds need at this point? The gardening instructor had said water them once, very well, and that's it until they start to come up but..they look awful dry to me.

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Diana said...

Gardening instructor? Wow, you are fancy! I have no idea how often but when Jamie was growing the tomato seeds he watered them once and then covered them with a plastic cover. That acted like a little greenhouse and everything stayed really moist. Maybe if they are exposed you should water them. Good luck!!!