Saturday, June 30, 2007

Coop de Ville

The Ville of Westchester that is.

Got my Chick-n-Hutch yesterday (yes, that's what its actually called) and spent some time today putting it together.

Now, I know that I've mentioned before that I am seriously handicapped when it comes to handyman skills, but I really think my difficulties were not entirely my fault. The directions came with the sort of blurry, inconclusive drawings that I formerly would have associated only with Ikea furniture. Not only were the directions very misleading, but the whole thing is full of badly drilled holes that don't match up, extra holes that seem to have no purpose and are not referenced at all, missing wing-nuts and even (this was my favorite) a pre-drilled hole for a screw that was then covered in chicken wire. Brilliant, Chickn-Hutch guys! Really. A big thumbs-up for you.

Anyway, after a couple of hours sweating in the sun to do a job that should have taken about 20 minutes, I have this. Next I get to put the actual run together..but I think that will have to wait for tomorrow. It's time to grab a beer for now and check out my peppers and tomatoes, which are loving this heat.


Sara said...

i can't wait to read a transcript of your call to Chick-N-Hutch & Rabbitat Customer Service :)

Diana said...

very cool! I am impressed!!!

Kelly said...

Welcome to garden blogging! I found you via Farmgirl Fare's comments on her most recent post.

Congrats on the chicken hutch, and good luck adding the chickens! We have 11 mixed breed brown egg layers on our little urban homestead in Ohio. I'm enjoying the constant happy noises they make when I'm home and weeding and throwing the scraps to them. They make wonderful eggs and fertilizer and fascinate everyone who comes to visit. With luck, noone will report us (they're illegal where we live).