Sunday, August 9, 2009

Both sitting up!


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can I ask you a couple of questions about where you get your chicken feed and such? Centinela, I notice, doesn't carry much and petco is useless. If you could email me through my blog when you have a moment I'd really appreciate it.

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thanks for the tips :) my girls are getting very brave and even tried to come in the house soon as I opened the door. stinkers. Have you had any issues around here with hawks or owls? just curious because I've seen them in the past and I get nervous about letting them free range without protection.

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okay, I was just your blog stalker, but now I totally feel like your real life stalker because somehow I think I recognized you walking with your kids in a wagon today across sepulveda. I recognized your kids and just put 2 +2 together. Small town, and that's saying something since we haven't formally met. Anyway, just thought since we're sort of neighbors and have chickens, I'd say hi.:) so, are you east of Sep.? Were ya on a trip to secret Vons? Sorry if this totally weirds you out.