Thursday, December 6, 2007

((Drum Roll Please))

Ladies and gentlemen....

From our very own Gertie...

One beautiful, perfect little egg!

I couldn't be more eggcited than if I laid it myself. And yes, I promise that will be the first and LAST time I make that awful pun. I've been waiting almost 20 weeks to make it so I figure I earned it.

Matt was the first to find it. He gets up a few minutes before I do so he usually let them out of their run in the morning so they can have some free-range time before I have to leave for work. I was in the shower when he came dancing in singing, "Guess what I saw, guess what I saw!"

I said, "What??' (I'm sort of slow first thing in the morning. Actually I'm sort of slow all the time.) "What?? An EGG??"

He was kind enough to leave it in the nest box so I'd have the fun of checking myself. It was, I have to say, a really cool thing. I mean, I expected to get eggs, that's why I got the chickens. But to actually have nature work, right there in front of you; well, its just a really neat thing.

Here's a comparison shot of it next to an egg from the Farmer's Market so you can see the size. It's actually a really good size for being the first egg, usually chickens have some trial runs before they get into the groove. I can expect them to get larger in the coming weeks. Now if only her sisters will get into the act as well!


WeezerMonkey said...

Ahhh! So cool! :)

America's Craving Some Doom said...

what she neglects to mention is that when I came home from work that night I checked the nest and there was another one. I think Gertie is some kind of egg laying machine

Leslie said...

HOORAY! Congrats! I hear that there is nothing better than breakfast made from FRESH FRESH eggs. You must invite me over for breakfast IMMEDATELY! :) Way to go Gert!