Saturday, November 10, 2007

Chickens Love Psgetti!

I have coop envy. Major,major coop envy. This is because I've been perusing some of the other coops made by the folks on Backyard Chickens. People with a a bit more room and some serious table-saw skills. These are coops that look like wee barns and playhouses, complete with all sorts of handy storage and flower boxes and painted trim and lighting schemes. These coops are nicer than my house. Unfortunately I am gifted with neither major carpentry skills nor a spare couple of g's lying around to pay someone to build me one of these chicken tajs, so in the meantime, I thought I could at least build the girls a decent nest box. So I trudged back down to Home Depot ("Sara!" They all shout down there now when I walk in, like Norm in Cheers) and got some more lumber to make simple box. Because I have the math skills of a grunion, a very nice and patient employee helped me eventually cut the right sizes. So I managed to cobble together this box, and then with Matt's help, we cut a hole in the back of the coop and then screwed the box on. It's like a whole extra wing!

Here's a photo from the inside of the coop:

The girls checked it out immediately, and Matt reports that Ginger was already inside it. Of course they immediately kicked out all the fresh pine shavings I had put in, so I cut down a piece of wood and wedged it in the front as a sort of stop.

I also found out that chickens LOVE psgetti.

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